Day 17 & 18 - Building Community Trust & Affiliate Love

Building Community Trust & Affiliate Love

30 day challengeTrust is not easy to come by online nowadays. With there being a lot of “experts” in any field, it makes it a challenge to break through to your community.

What’s interesting, I’ve found, is that when I post something personal – about me, or a picture with me in it, it gets much more engagement than when it’s a cold, hard facts of certain things.

Finding my online voice is still a work-in-progress (I have to be honest). Some days I’m all in, no matter what’s on my mind or what’s information I find may be useful, I go with it and post anyway. Other days, it’s the complete opposite. I analyze every, little thing that crosses through my mind and usually doesn’t get posted – which are the days that I”m very quiet in the space.

In my opinion, the back and forth has prevented me to grow within my community.

It comes down to consistency – again!

I get caught up in all the back-end things that need to be done that I leave engagement on the sidelines.

How to stop?

Today’s 2 challenge questions will help with that:

What three steps can you take to build trust and credibility online for you, your brand and your business? and What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you build your business?


The 3 Steps to Take in Building Trust

In terms of building trust, I think they’re both the same. It’s about bringing quality to them and being there for support, in my opinion.

1. Quality content: Seriously, write more and post in the form that best engages them! The back and forth has proved no good and posting blog posts on Facebook, hasn’t proved much good either. Having a content schedule with the form of this content and treating it with the respect it deserves is a must.

As part of that, heading out, away from my own blog, to visit others is something I want to do a lot more of. The engagement on my site and social media is rather low, constantly scratching my head wondering why they haven’t responded to, what I think is, an engaging question.

The real issue is, they don’t have that connection with me yet. I have to provide this content and find a way to create that connection with them – both my community and affiliates.

2. Being supportive: I’m a rather supportive person already. When there’s a question, I answer it. I try to be there for when my community needs me as much as I can but the content provided to them hasn’t been too engaging from what I see.

The first step needs to be put in place to have this second step come to life.

3. Consistent exposure: That’s the scheduling again, but this time it also includes networking and online networking. Through local workshops, tv appearances, live trainings and coaching.

I have noticed a pattern in myself though, in that one day I’m out there and the other not so much.

I get stuck on day-to-day back-end or admin things that I end up missing my targets on what I’ve got to do - that’s why a VA may come in handy soon.

As for an affiliate team, I haven’t put an affiliate option in place yet but I can see these people being satisfied clients of mine. A sort of ‘word-of-mouth’ team ;)